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How To Know When Your Roof Needs Replacing

August 2, 2013 8:22 am Published by

It’s often overlooked but the roof over your head is a vital component of both your building and your business. Here at Brackley Industrial Maintenance, we have over 20 years of experience in spotting the signs of roof damage and knowing when it’s time to take action. If you suspect it might be time to replace your roofing there are some tell-tale signs to look out for.


If your roof deck is sagging it’s a clear sign that your roof has succumbed to wear and tear. Your deck is the part between the interior and exterior of your roof and sagging is usually an indication of leaks, over time the problem becomes worse and water spreads to your premises’ interior so if you suspect sagging it’s important to act as soon as possible, this may mean maintenance to your roof but if you leave it for an extended period you may find yourself facing a full replacement.


Water pooling on your roof is a common indicator of 2 things: either your drains or your scuppers are clogged or they were never properly installed in the first place. Water pooling can be detrimental to your roof and allows for the spread of algae but when caught early there’s usually a simple fix.

Loosened Panels

Loose panels allow water to enter into your property which is damaging to the roof and if left alone can cause costly problems to the building’s structure. Loose panels are a sign of screw holes widening through stress caused by storms and high winds, the screws can loosen in the holes and therefore loosen the entire tile.

Arrange Your Roof Repair/Replacement

It is vital to check your roof for signs of age and damage regularly so you don’t have to spend a fortune on repairs, if you do suspect something is wrong then contact our team today. We are fully qualified to assess the integrity of your roof and undertake any necessary work, get in touch by calling 01295 690222 or via our online contact form.


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